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New Changes to the Condo Act Forms


On November 1, 2017, 15 new forms under the Condo Act came into force. The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services has received a number of suggestions from the public and condo sector on ways that the forms could be improved.

The ministry has made a number of changes to the 15 new forms under the Condo Act, incorporating the feedback we received. The revised forms are now available on the Government of Ontario web page for Condo Act forms.

Meeting Forms and Status Certificate Forms

In addition to the changes made to the forms based on input received from the sector, changes were also made to the Meeting forms and Status Certificate forms to address Electric Vehicle Charging Systems (EVCS) regulations in the Condo Act.

Want to Learn More About the EVCS Changes?

The ministry has updated its plain language guide about the recent Condo Act changes to include the amendments dealing with EVCS.


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