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Joel Berkovitz Head ShotRobert Buckler, Joel Berkovitz and Derek Brovold discuss the implications of cannabis legalization on the property management field.

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“Reprinted from The Journal of Property Management, Vol. 81, No. 1, with permission from the Institute of Real Estate Management. For more information on IREM and its publications, visit”






Laura Stairs Head ShotThough the federal government has set the stage to accept 350,000 immigrants in a single year, that load might place another strain on the already complicated and taxed system, Windsor immigration lawyer Laura Stairs tells

One of the main issues of ramping up so quickly by the year 2021 is the availability of staff to actually manage the growing number of applications, say Stairs, an associate with Shibley Righton LLP who frequently represents clients seeking to live and work in this country.

“The more people they commit to accepting, the longer it's going to take to assist our clients in actually getting into Canada if the resources are not provided to support that growth,” she says.

Global News recently reported that the government is seeking people to fill employment gaps, particularly those who have education, skills and experience working as information systems analysts and consultants, software engineers, computer programmers and interactive media developers, financial auditors and accountants, and administrative assistants.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will continue to process applications for permanent residents, spousal permanent residents, humanitarian and compassionate categories.

“They will also have to increase the number of IRCC staff and resources, or it's going to result in a great deal of frustration for immigrants attempting to come to Canada,” Stairs says.

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Megan Mackey Head ShotCondominium corporations should enact anti-harassment rules to protect their property managers and staff, Toronto condominium and commercial litigator Megan Mackey tells

Mackey, partner with Shibley Righton LLP, says it's an emerging and growing issue, and she has dealt with numerous cases involving emotional, and more rarely, physical abuse of those who work in condominiums.

“It’s a very serious problem that can affect a person’s whole life,” she says. “Managers have to deal with all kinds of things in their work, whether it be floods, snowstorms, or unexpected staffing shortages. But there’s no reason why they should have to put up with harassment in the workplace. It’s completely unnecessary.”  

According to Mackey, condo corporations can make her job easier by incorporating an anti-harassment policy into their rules that specifically prohibits unit owners and residents from harassing people on the site.

“Anti-harassment provisions give us more tools to address problematic behaviour in the event we have to go to court,” she explains.

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