Who we are – from the student perspective:

We are a mid-sized firm with offices in Toronto and Windsor, Ontario.

Our Toronto office is located at the corner of Queen St. West and University Avenue. The other cornerstones of intersection include Osgoode Hall, the Opera House, Campbell House, and Osgoode subway station. We are across the street from the Tax Court and down the street from the numerous Courthouses along University and Old City Hall on Queen Street. We are a subway ride away from the Toronto Small Claims Court. We can look out our windows on the seventh floor and see tree tops, the traffic, and people walking on the streets without straining our eyes (although sometimes our view is blocked by the pigeons who like to roost on the window ledges).

Our Windsor office is lovely too. Click here for specific information on life as a student down in our Windsor office.

Our lawyers, like most law firms, come from all walks of life. We have a wide variety of personalities in our firm. What seems to make us unique is the way in which our unique personalities interact and work together to help one another to become stronger advocates for and successful advisors to our clients.

We are approachable, open, receptive and straight forward. We are very willing to assist our students as they embark on gaining the experience necessary to become great lawyers. Our students work directly with our lawyers who have carriage of the files. Whether that is a senior partner, or an associate who has their own carriage of the file, the student becomes part of the team in performing the work.

Our lawyers enjoy working in the firm, and each have found their own comfort zone, without sacrificing their personalities and who they are as individuals. Our students find that they are warmly pulled into the firm during their articles and get to participate in a hands-on manner in the practice of law.

Over the years, our students have had a heavier litigation and advocacy practice, however, our corporate lawyers often provide the students with fabulous corporate law experiences. We expect students to take on responsibilities and perform their work as if they were lawyers, providing them with the independence necessary to perform their work, while ensuring guidance is available to them should they so request it. Students have the ability to excel, and to be assigned associate level work should they establish themselves as being capable of doing it (all within the restrictions afforded to students by the LSUC and Courts, of course).

We like to think that our relationship with our students is a mutually beneficial one, and we invest in our students so that if the opportunities are there to grow our firm, we will turn to our students first.


Stacey Chandler

Stacey D. Chandler

Director, Human Resources & Administration

250 University Ave, Suite 700
Toronto, ON M5H 3E5
T: 416.214.5280
F: 416.214.5480stacey.chandler@shibleyrighton.com