Are You Ready To Apply?

Each year, we will be hiring 2 students for our Toronto office and 1 student for our Windsor office. We will be participating in the hiring process set by the Law Society of Ontario and will be conducting virtual interviews.

As always, attention to detail is extremely important, so please read the instructions below very carefully.

When you have your application materials done and in electronic format, please send an email to with your attached application material as one single attachment (more below). The contents of your email will not be considered part of your application. Emails with multiple attachments will not be considered to be compliant with our requirements.

Please ensure that the subject line of your email says “Articling 2023-2024 – Toronto” if you are applying to our Toronto office, OR “Articling 2023-2024 – Windsor” if you are applying to our Windsor office. If you wish to apply to both offices, you will need to submit your application twice, with the appropriate Subject line. That is the only time you should submit your application on more than one occasion. Please do not submit your application twice. If you have found us on Videsktop and have already submitted an application, rest assured we will accept that submission. You do not need to submit again by email. Note that we have not provided instructions for submission of hard copies of your applications. This is because we are no longer accepting them. Please help us save some trees.

You should attach only ONE attachment, which contains all of your application materials, and which are in the following order (please, please follow this order!):

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Transcripts from Law School(s)
  • Transcripts from other postgrad education (if applicable)
  • Transcripts from undergrad
  • Reference letters

Other materials you think are necessary that we read (discouraged, although exceptional circumstances do require this).

Cover letters for an articling position in the Toronto office are to be addressed to:

Stacey D. Chandler
Director, Human Resources & Administration
250 University Ave, Suite 700
Toronto, ON M5H 3E5

Cover letters for an articling position in the Windsor office are to be addressed to:

Jodie Anctil
Office Manager
Shibley Righton LLP
2510 Ouellette Avenue, Suite 301
Windsor, Ontario N8X 1L4

Please note that we have numerous tips, hints and FAQs on our website dedicated to applying for an articling position. Please ensure that you review them before you submit your application.

When you submit your application, you will get an automatic response to your email submission acknowledging receipt. If you are selected for an interview, we will reach out to you in accordance with the LSO’s Guidelines.

SUBJECT TO CONSENSUS AMONGST FIRMS PARTICIPATING IN AUGUST INTERVIEWS BEING REACHED OTHERWISE, interviews will be held virtually, and you will be required to have a device from which you can participate via video and audio. If your circumstances do not allow you to participate via video and audio, please advise us at the time an interview is offered, and accommodations will be canvassed.



Stacey Chandler

Stacey D. Chandler

Director, Human Resources & Administration

250 University Ave, Suite 700
Toronto, ON M5H 3E5
T: 416.214.5280