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2022-2023 Articling Applicants: Please ignore anything below regarding the in-person interview process. For information regarding our 2022-2023 Virtual Interview Process, see the “Are You Ready To Apply” page where information and applying and interviewing will be provided when available. We hope to return to in-person interviews at some point, but we kept the information below so that you can see what life “used to be like” pre-pandemic!

First and foremost, we adhere to the Law Society's guidelines with respect to procedures, timing and deadlines.

Law students often ask us if they can come and meet with us prior to the interview process. Sometimes even if they have been granted an interview, applicants will ask us to meet for an informal meeting before their interview. On other occasions, if they haven't been granted an interview, some candidates call asking to schedule a meeting to find out why they weren't chosen for an interview.

In these and other types of situations, our lawyers decline the students' requests. We have to balance our desire to provide all students with as much information as possible about our firm, with the goal of treating everyone fairly and in accordance with the Law Society's guidelines.

However, throughout the year, our current articling students are able to respond to telephone calls and inquiries with respect to the articling process. We only ask that these inquiries are curtailed between Call Day and Interview Week. This usually isn't much of a problem for us, as our Articling students usually start their 10 month articling stint with us in early August and complete their articles in the beginning of June.

When we schedule an interview in Toronto, we usually ask that the candidate make themselves available to us for about 90 minutes. Upon arrival, the candidate will be taken to our main boardroom where they will be greeted by a small team of individuals and some refreshments. The interviewing lawyer will be called to come and meet the candidate and "take them away" to be interviewed in another boardroom or their own office (that is, if they have had the chance to clean it up before the interview).

After about 25 to 30 minutes, give or take some time, this interview will end, and a current articling student will be called to come and take you (yes, the candidate has now evolved into you) on a "tour of the office". You will be shown around the typical office settings, with the highlight of the tour being the student office in the library (yes, we still have one). The articling student will then "drop you off" at another lawyer's office who will sit you down and have a second interview with you, lasting somewhere between 25 to 30 minutes again, time permitting.

Once that stress is over with, that lawyer will bring you back to the lobby or boardroom, depending on the time of day, your schedule, or ours, where you can either say good-bye and scoot off to your next interview, or sit down or a few minutes in the boardroom, relax, chat and ask more questions, and finally partake of those refreshments mentioned above, but which you haven't had time to ingest throughout your interview.

We do all of our interviews on Monday and Tuesday. Does it matter to us whether you are interviewed on one or the other of those days? Absolutely not. Monday interviews are no more or less important than Tuesday interviews. However, we do like to ensure that our interviews are spread out evenly so we can give each candidate an equal amount of time and attention.

The interview team meets at the end of each interview day to review the candidates we have met up until that point. Sometimes we set up return interviews on Wednesday morning to help us make the decisions we have to make. If we arrange Wednesday morning interviews, it is to have some candidates meet with more or different lawyers on our interview team. Wednesday interviews are generally much shorter, and are as much about more of us getting to know you as they are about you getting to know more of us.

Interviewing for a position in Windsor is slightly different. Click here for details.


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