Tips for Applications

  • Cover letters which are more than one page don't show off your ability to be succinct, concise and persuasive. Do not simply regurgitate your resume in your cover letter
  • Your cover letter should clearly state your interests (if known) and/or why you want to article with us
  • Full justify your cover letter
  • Ensure your cover letter is signed with either a handwritten signature or an electronic one (but please not just your typed name)
  • Try to limit your resume to two (2) pages. In this respect:
    • There is no need to list the high school you attended unless there is something truly outstanding about it
    • There is also no need to include your membership in various organizations unless you are an active member of the organization and participate in meetings or other similar types of work. For example, simply being a member of the CBA is not impressive to us, but being active and holding a position on one of their committees is worth mentioning
    • Some summer or part-time jobs speak for themselves. For example, jobs that consist of bartending, lifeguarding, teaching, shredding documents, etc, don't need more than one descriptive line, if that
  • Ensure your cover letter and resume show that you are good at multi-tasking, and have time management, analytical thinking and interpersonal skills. We look for a well-rounded person
  • We are no longer accepting hard copy applications. Please see our “Are You Ready To Apply” page for details on submitting applications.
  • Font size should be no smaller than 12pt if using Times New Roman, or 11pt if using Arial. Other fonts are acceptable, within reason. Remember that some of us require reading glasses. Don't make us reach for a magnifying glass.
  •  Margins should be one inch minimum
  • Order your transcripts well in advance of the due date for the application. While we do our best to match up applications that come in bits and pieces, sending your application to us in that manner leaves open the possibility that a proper match up doesn't occur. It also indicates to us that your time management skills may need additional work.
  • Ditto for any reference letters you want to include. Ask for them well in advance of the return date for your application. We understand you have less control over the timing of those, but please do your best.
  • When you attach your transcripts, your law school transcripts should be first, followed by transcripts for any other graduate school, and then your undergraduate marks, wherever possible.
  • Provide your contact information on Call Day, and your contact information for the summer time, if possible
  • If you have a telephone number which is long distance from the city you are applying to article in, please ensure this is clear on the face of your resume (pay attention 905ers applying to Toronto, we're never certain as to whether we need a "1" in front). If your telephone number is an international number, please ensure we have all digits necessary to call you from Ontario.


Stacey Chandler

Stacey D. Chandler

Director, Human Resources & Administration

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Toronto, ON M5H 3E5
T: 416.214.5280