What Do You Get In Return for Your 10 Months of Dedication and Hard Work?

In addition to obtaining a great hands on articling experience and spending time with us, we pay articling students a fairly competitive salary (competitive for our size of firm, but not quite competitive with that of those mega firms), which includes 10 paid vacation days. Yes, you will actually be able to take vacation days during your 10 months. You will also be paid for 14 days of study time for the two licensing exams. (The catch is that you will be required to take your licensing exams before you commence your 10 month articling term with us.)

We also cover your initial LSO tuition and application fees for licensing purposes and your Canadian Bar Association membership fees. We will split the costs of a TTC Monthly Metro Pass with you and we subsidize part of a health club/gym membership or other pre-approved fitness related costs incurred during the articling year. Since we value our students' health as much as that of our associates, we offer our students the same Health & Dental benefit we provide to our associates.


Stacey Chandler

Stacey D. Chandler

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