What Students Say About Us

"As an articling student, you are going to have a lot of questions. During my articles, everyone at Shibley's was always happy to answer any and all of my questions. I never felt uncomfortable approaching any lawyer for help or guidance. It was actually encouraged!"

"I made it known that I was interested in a particular practice area and shortly after, that type of work found its way to my desk. Shibley's gives you the chance to gain exposure in many different practice areas during your articling experience, and certainly the ones you express interest in."

"Articling at Shibley's was one of the best decisions I ever made. The opportunity to work closely with talented and friendly lawyers and to be meaningfully involved in a wide range of matters was both a great learning experience and personally fulfilling. I especially enjoyed all of the opportunities I was given to see the law in action by participating on things such as client meetings, private mediations, settlement conferences and motions. Shibley's goes out of its way to give students a well-rounded articling experience."

"What I liked about working at Shibley Righton was having the opportunity to experience diverse areas of the law while also having the chance to focus on specific aspects that interest me. I worked with lawyers on entire files, allowing me to see a file progress in its entirety. This increased not only my satisfaction with my job, but also contributed to a more beneficial articling experience."

"One reason I chose Shibley Righton was because of the people. I left my articling interview with the feeling that this was a firm where people valued and respected each other. My articling experience has reinforced that initial view. This is a place where my work and opinions are valued by others, and where I feel that I am contributing to issues of real importance."

“I always told everyone that interviewing at Shibley’s was effortless. Shibley’s is a firm that promotes professionalism in a cool and relaxed way. I based my decision on the same thing. I wanted to work at a place where the firm culture was effortless to be a part of – not one in which I had to pretend to enjoy.”

“I chose Shibley Righton LLP because of its unique balance between being a full service law firm and having a mid-size vibe. This is a firm that many want to join after they figure themselves out. I consider myself lucky to have found them on my first step out.”

“If you enjoy hands-on work, expect a high-level of responsibility and a firm culture that encourages being a “real” person, then Shibley’s is the place for you. I am challenged everyday by directly working with the senior partners of the firm. This is not a place where you need to work your way up a hierarchy to get great quality work.”

"I liked that I was in control of my own workload."

"I enjoyed the level of responsibility I was given. I attended at Master's Court on a non-contentious matter and had carriage of a small claims court matter."


Stacey Chandler

Stacey D. Chandler

Director, Human Resources & Administration

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