Work Allocation

By now you are familiar with many terms relevant to your future articling experience. However, some of them are not applicable to Shibley Righton LLP. For example, we do not have a formal rotation program. Instead, students receive work from lawyers in different practice areas throughout the articling term.

What does this mean for the students?

It means that you may find yourself working on a real estate transaction while also conducting research for a labour and employment matter and assisting in preparing motion material for an injunction. In other words, you will likely be exposed to and gain experience in different practice areas at the same time. This will help you develop valuable time management skills while learning to juggle the demand of working with different people and their deadlines. We let our students manage their own workload, but provide time management guidance whenever requested or needed.

This also means that the chances of you seeing more of a file are greater. Files stay with you longer and you get to work on multiple aspects of a file. No handing a juicy, interesting file over to another student just because your rotation is up.

We know that at the start of their articles some students have a good idea (or at least they think they do) of what type of work they like best and find most interesting. To the extent that we are able to do so, we attempt to meet student requests to be exposed to certain types of work (that is of course, if you let us know what your particular interests are).

But not every student straight out of law school has had exposure to a wide variety of practice areas by the time they walk through our doors for an interview. We provide a great opportunity to students who also want to explore different practice areas.

What happens next?

We believe that our students are here because they see us as a great place to grow their career. Near the completion of each articling term, Shibley Righton makes hireback decisions. We like to grow from within, and have hired students back as associates when we have a need and a student is well matched for the position. Historically, we seem to hire on average one student a year. But don’t worry, if a student is not hired back or is not interested in the practice area available, our students have a high degree of success in transferring their careers to other work environments quickly and with complete satisfaction.

At Shibley Righton LLP, we believe in our students and encourage them to believe in us.


Stacey Chandler

Stacey D. Chandler

Director, Human Resources & Administration

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