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Sienna Molu
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2018 (Ontario)

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In the recent decision of MacRury v. Keybase Financial Group Inc., the Honourable Madame Justice Boudreau of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court held that admissions of professional misconduct in a Settlement Agreement made in the regulatory context are an insufficient basis for granting summary judgment in the parallel civil action. However, Boudreau, J. confirmed that the Settlement Agreement may be admissible for the truth of their contents at the civil trial, although it is to be weighed against all other evidence.

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This past year (2018) has seen a significant change in our collective awareness of harassment and sexual aggression, primarily in the workplace. On an almost daily basis, we are learning of yet another sexual aggressor and the swift and severe repercussions of this alleged sexual misconduct. Social media has been flooded with thousands of personal experiences of harassment and sexual abuse of one form or another, showing just how commonplace these incidents are in our society. There has been what has been described as a ‘‘seismic shift” in what behaviour is tolerated in the workforce. The response to these allegations has also shaped the way people view victims who come forward. One commentator has opined that for perhaps the first time in history, powerful aggressors are falling, ‘‘like dominos”, and victims are being believed. The #MeToo movement has been described as the fastest-moving social change seen in
decades and its founders and other ‘‘silence breakers” were named Time Magazine’s 2017 Person of the Year.

This movement has started an important discourse, and society is listening and acknowledging the harm caused to vulnerable persons by sexual aggression, whether in its physical form or on an online platform in the form of cyberbullying and the non-consensual dissemination of intimate images (‘‘revenge porn”). With this new wave of support, one can anticipate that more victims will have the courage to come forward and that our civil justice
system will adapt to this new, rapidly-changing legal landscape.

This paper provides an overview and update on civil claims for sexual misconduct and revenge porn.

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More About

Sienna is a litigation associate at Shibley Righton LLP and practices in all areas of litigation, with a primary focus on construction law and professional liability. Prior to joining Shibley Righton LLP, Sienna practiced at a boutique insurance defence litigation firm in downtown Toronto. She also gained valuable experience as a solicitor working for a period as inhouse legal counsel at a private company.  

In her practice, Sienna has successfully defended clients in the Court of Appeal, Superior Court of Justice and across various tribunals. Sienna passionately represents client interests, working diligently to analyze case merits, minimize risk and propel positive resolutions to complex legal matters. She has proven success achieving case dismissals, advantageous settlements and favourable verdicts at all levels of Court.

Sienna is a contributing author to the Annual Review of Civil Litigation 2018, a publication regularly cited by appellate courts across Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada, with an article titled “Sexual Aggression and the Civil Response”. The Annual Review of Civil Litigation has been providing leading-edge coverage of the issues that matter. 

Sienna is bilingual, fluent in both French and English. Growing up, Sienna was a competitive dancer and carried on with this passion until she went to law school, including dancing for the Toronto Raptors for a significant number of years. In her spare time, she continues to take and teach hip-hop classes in Toronto. Sienna’s passion, other than law, is to travel. She went to law school in London, UK, and travelled throughout Europe and continues to travel when the opportunity presents itself.

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T: 416.214.5254
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BPP Law School, London, UK – LL.B. (Hons)

Certificate in Entertainment Law,  Osgoode Hall Law School (2020)