Litigator Isabelle Eckler invigorated by complexity of cases


Toronto litigator Isabelle Eckler once contemplated becoming an architect but instead, she defends them against professional liability claims.

Eckler joined Shibley Righton LLP as an associate following her call to the bar in June 2015. She’s appeared before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and conducted two trials in small claims court.

“I find this area of the law really interesting,” she tells “I know I’m a junior, so everything is new but there is a level of complexity to the cases I deal with. They often involve more than just one straightforward issue.

“Liability in multi-party construction actions is often difficult to determine, and requires an understanding of very technical evidence,” she adds.

Both of Eckler’s parents are architects in their own firm and she initially applied to architecture school herself. She was accepted but decided to pursue urban and environmental studies instead.

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