Capital fund good news for small businesses


A new government-backed capital fund is a good opportunity for underserved small and medium-sized businesses to get access to expertise as well as cash, says Toronto corporate and commercial lawyer Marlin Horst.

A number of financial institutions, including the country’s biggest banks, have teamed up to create the Canadian Business Growth Fund, which aims to make available up to $500 million over the next year to help smaller companies grow. If it takes off, the fund will double in size over the following nine years.

The fund’s sponsors have also promised to provide advice and mentorship to businesses so that they can reach their potential.  

Horst, a partner in the Toronto office of Shibley Righton LLP, says a large swath of early stage Canadian businesses are caught in the gap between angel investment funding — unavailable to all but a select few — and the public markets, which tend to be a viable option only for larger, more established companies.

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