Background check reforms make employers' lives easier


Deborah Howden Head ShotA new law limiting what can be turned over in police background checks will make employers’ lives easier, Toronto employment lawyer Deborah Howden tells

The Police Record Checks Reform Act passed without opposition at Queen’s Park all the way back in 2015, but only goes into force this November, when it will alter what police can tell organizations who request background checks for prospective employees and volunteers.

According to the Toronto Star, the legislation was prompted by its investigation into the plight of individuals denied the ability to work or travel due to the disclosure of “non-conviction records,” which include details of police interactions related to unproven allegations and mental health issues.   

Howden, a partner with Shibley Righton LLP's Toronto office, says the old rules tended to put employers in a difficult position because of the sheer volume of information they received.

“Virtually any contact with police could be brought to the attention of employers, meaning that they would have access to information that they had no idea what to do with,” she says.

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