Ontario's cannabis retail gold rush part 2


peter murphy headshotIn the final instalment of a two-part series, Toronto business lawyer Peter Murphy discusses the unique issues facing landlords of cannabis stores.

Landlords should seek legal advice when negotiating leases with prospective cannabis retailers, Toronto business lawyer Peter Murphy tells

Murphy, partner with Shibley Righton LLP, explains that prospective cannabis retailers in Ontario are rushing to secure leases long before they are licensed due to the timing of the provincial government’s framework for selling the drug in shops across the province.

“We’re in a new gold rush,” Murphy says, adding the Cannabis Licence Act (CLA) opened up opportunities for a multitude of players in the bricks-and-mortar retail market after Premier Doug Ford's new administration abandoned the former Liberal government’s plans for a provincial monopoly over recreational cannabis sales.

“Prospective cannabis retailers want to secure leases to lock up the best locations in Ontario now so that they’re in a good position when retail licensing begins,” he says.

However, Murphy says landlords are at risk of leasing their space to a prospective cannabis retailer who might not have a viable business by the time the market finally starts in 2019.

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