Bring on the legal robots


Jonathan Miller HeadShotHaving a robot successfully mediate a fee dispute in Canada is a great first step in showing how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in our legal system, says Toronto civil and commercial litigator Jonathan Miller.

“I'm quite an advocate for employing technology to make the legal process more accessible and more efficient,” says Miller, associate with the Toronto office of Shibley Righton LLP.

“This seems like a reasonable tool to help with that,” he tells

According to a recent article, the “online tool, which uses AI algorithms in place of a human mediator,” settled the three-month-long dispute in less than an hour.

“These robotic mediators certainly have their place,” says Miller, “and it's exciting to see that technology is being used in a way to facilitate the legal process.”

The article says the software was developed by a British Columbia company.

“I’ve never used it,” says Miller, “but I think it’s an exciting prospect for the legal profession. Some judges have already said they believe lawyers should be using more AI to reduce costs.”

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