If you want to have the best law firm, you have to recruit and retain the best people. Shibley Righton LLP is always looking for top lawyers and legal staff who want to work in a congenial and happy environment.

What's different about Shibley Righton LLP? If you're a lawyer or law student, choosing where you want to practice, take a look at the Lawyer Profiles. There you will see a diverse group of people with varied interests and backgrounds, yet all having risen (or still rising, in some cases) to the tops of their areas through talent, hard work, and good common sense. You will see a high number of graduate degrees in law and business among our lawyers. Our lawyers have also achieved various high academic awards - for example three lawyers who stood first overall in their graduating classes, either at law school or in the Bar Admission Course.

Shibley's is a good place to practice law. People who practice here tend to want to stay. If you like what you see, and feel you could fit in here, give us a call.

And if you are a legal assistant, paralegal, or other person with law firm training, and you believe you can compete with the best, consider Shibley Righton LLP. Our lawyers understand the importance of having the best staff, giving them interesting and challenging work, and fostering an environment in which lawyers and staff look forward to coming to work each day.

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