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In Memoriam

Leslie S. Mason

June 29, 1940 - June 29, 2023


Les joined the firm in 1981 and led its Real Estate practice for most of his career. Les retired from Shibley Righton in  2018.  In his spare time, Les loved spending time with his family. He was also an avid tennis player, skier, golfer and outdoorsman.

Les was a dedicated and trusted advisor to many clients and other lawyers. He was also a devoted and demanding mentor to a number of generations of young lawyers and students. We remember him as a great teacher who was particularly skilled at imparting the art of legal drafting to young lawyers.

Opposing counsel knew him as a highly knowledgeable, tenacious and tough strategic negotiator for clients. His partners knew him as a thoughtful, flexible and compromising partner who placed the firm's interests above his own.

Les was a kind and loyal friend and partner and he will be greatly missed by his Shibley Righton family and by all who knew him.


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