Renewable Energy Law

Renewable energy already plays a major role in foreign economies and is quickly becoming the reality in North America. In Ontario, the Green Energy Act and the Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-in Tariff program now allows developers to obtain priority access to transmission grids and guaranteed long-term pricing for renewable electricity generation.

Shibley Righton LLP views renewable energy as an important investment in the future of Ontario's energy production. Comprised of a multidisciplinary group of lawyers, Shibley Righton LLP's renewable energy law group is experienced and ready to work with both foreign and domestic project developers and investors interested in taking advantage of governmental incentives to develop green energy projects.

As you begin your renewable energy project, we can assist you with:

  • creative business structuring options that allow project developers to maximize pricing;
  • real estate acquisition, lease agreements and easement/option registration;
  • tax planning;
  • security documentation and creditor agreements;
  • operation and maintenance agreements;
  • construction agreements;
  • permitting and licensing;
  • dispute resolution and litigation.

We can also assist you with the often perplexing list of regulatory issues involved in renewable energy development, including, in Ontario, the Feed-in Tariff Program Rules, the Renewable Energy Approvals process, and the applications process for obtaining a generator licence from the Ontario Energy Board.

The time to start your project is now. Come join us in the future.


John De Vellis