Shibley Righton LLP (the “Firm”) is committed to the objectives underlying the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (the “AODA”), the purpose of which is to ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities in Ontario with respect to goods, services, facilities, employment, accommodation, and buildings, on or before January 1, 2025.

The AODA became law in 2005. The Integrated Accessibility Standards, being Ontario Regulation 191/11 made under the AODA, became law in July 2016 (the “Standards”). The purpose of the Standards is to ensure that organizations comply with the relevant standards to prevent and remove barriers for people with disabilities.

In compliance with the AODA, the Firm has developed this Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (the “Plan”) and a Policy on the Integrated Accessibility Standards (the “Accessibility Policy”), a copy of which is available here – Accessibility Policy.  

The Firm strives to meet the needs of its employees and clients with disabilities and continues to work hard to remove and prevent barriers to accessibility. Everyone within the Firm is expected to uphold the Plan and Accessibility Policy and to work together to provide accessible client service for persons with disabilities. Everyone associated with the Firm, including but not limited to all lawyers, staff, employees, volunteers, and third party individuals and entities who deal with the public on the Firm’s behalf are bound by the Plan and Policy and procedures in these documents. These individuals and entities are hereafter referred to as “Service Providers”.

The Plan will be reviewed and updated at least once every 5 years.

Statement of Commitment

The Firm is committed to ensuring equal access for persons with disabilities and treating persons with disabilities in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence and incorporates the principles of integration and equal opportunity.  The Firm is committed to offering a barrier-free environment for individuals with disabilities in employment, in its communications and information and in the delivery of services.  The Firm believes in providing accessible services to all of its clients and ensuring that all of its services can be accessed in an equitable manner.

Customer Service

The Firm is committed to providing accessible client services to persons with disabilities and is committed to aligning our client service policies, practices and procedures with the core principles of independence, dignity, integration, equality of opportunity and communication as outlined in greater detail in the Firm’s Accessibility Policy.

Information and Communications

The Firm is committed to making its information and communications accessible to persons with disabilities.  The Firm is committed to providing accessible information in accordance with the principle of communication, which means that clients with disabilities should receive communications from our Firm with respect to services in a manner that takes into account their disability.


The Firm is committed to fair and accessible employment practices. As an employer, the Firm is committed to supporting the recruitment and accommodation of employees with disabilities by identifying and working to remove any existing barriers for persons with disabilities, foster a culture of employee engagement and inclusion, and follow through and uphold all employment-related aspects of the Firm’s Accessibility Policy.


The Firm is committed to providing training in the requirements of Ontario’s accessibility laws and the Ontario Human Rights Code as it applies to persons with disabilities.  

Design of Public Spaces

The Firm will meet all applicable Accessibility Standards for the Design of Public Spaces when making modifications to or building any public spaces.  Due to the nature of its services, the Firm’s public spaces typically only include service-related elements like service counters and waiting areas.

Feedback Process

The Firm will accept any feedback on its accessibility practices with respect to the delivery of legal services to its clients and as an employer in accordance with the Firm’s Accessibility Policy.

For More Information

For additional information on this Plan or the Firm’s provision of accessible client services may be directed to the Firm’s Director, Human Resources & Administration:

            by email:

            by telephone: (416)-214-5200 or 1-877-214-5200

            by regular mail:

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                       Attn: Director, Human Resources & Administration
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